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Treatment Options

Heal Your Body

Advanced Nursing Foot Care

Offering Advanced/Diabetic Nursing Foot-care Services; Julia Lewis LPN has  10 years of experience with complex nails, deformities, corns, callus, and ingrown nails. She uses professional medical tools and sterilizes tools by using an autoclave and following best practices. She offers services in the Quispamsis, Saint John, and Chipman areas. She is signed up with Blue cross and DVA. Most health benefits have coverage for nursing foot care. 

$45 for Foot Care service in the clinic

$70 for Foot Care in-home

Additional advanced services are:

- Nail corrections system used to correct ingrown nails and involuted nails (nails shaped like a horseshoe). The price is $50 per toe.

- ToeFx a clear option for nail fungi (onychomycosis) usually cleared up within 8 to 10 treatments at $60 a treatment. (class 2 medical device)



Reflexology is a type of massage service that connects the physical outer body with the many organs of the body. Through the use of specific pressure points of the body, this treatment can reduce pain and psychological symptoms. Your body and mind will feel free and clear of all worries and stress that life places upon us. Julia Lewis is trained in a variety of holistic techniques that will surely help to heal you both mentally and physically.


$63.25 for a 30-minute session

$109.25 for a 60-minute session 


Registered Massage Therapy

Emilee Boone RMT, RNP offers a variety of  Massage therapy techniques. patients claim to feel relaxed and renewed after each session. The massage treatment consists of manipulation of the soft tissues in order to treat disorders and muscle pain.  Through the use of assessments, treatment, and home care,  she will tailor your session to work on your specific goals and needs. 

$63.25 - 30 minutes

$86.25 - 45 minutes

$109.25 - 60 minutes

$155.25 - 90 minutes

Direct Billing For Most Insurance Companies



Acupuncture is a key component of Chinese medicine. This treatment uses thin needles to stimulate points along the body (or Qi) to help treat various health conditions and to help the flow of energy throughout the body.


$74.75 per treatment

***Direct billing with most health insurance under acupuncture.


Naturopath Services

Julia Lewis dr offers many different Naturopathic services.  She is trained in Cupping therapy which is helpful in loosening fascial restrictions, breaking down scar tissue, and increasing circulation. She also offers Gua-Sha (Muscle/tendon elongate scraping). This service is helpful for built-up adhesions and scar tissue due to previous injuries and chronic postural dysfunction. this treatment is very useful for plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, IT band tightening, etc. 

Starting at $74.75. The price depends on treatment type and duration.

Direct billing with most BlueCross members under the natural path

Treatments: Treatments
Fur Particles Allergy
             Allergy Healing and Sensitivity Elimination 

Allergy Healing and Sensitivity Elimination will restore your body by helping it to adjust to the energetic property of the allergen. Allergy Healing & Sensitivity Elimination is a specific program of care that identifies the practitioner as able to identify the energetic signatures of the stress factor and give the body the vitality to overcome by initially identifying and later adjusting to its frequency. This is carried out by applied Kinesiology testing and Meridian rebalancing; utilizing both needle and needless Acupuncture along with Energy lines clearing. Over 12 sessions we identify and clear the stressor by having its signature contact your body while using autogenic breathing to bring about a harmonious relationship with your environment.

Discover the offenders causing Ill-health and restores Wellness and Harmony to your body, feel better, look better and be better. 
Book today! 506-608-9252 We can't wait to see YOU!

Direct Billing with Natural path for BlueCross carriers for this treatment

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